Chair of the meeting

  • (Vacant)

The chairman directs the members’ general assemblies and meetings of the Board of Directors according to Morin code. He sees to interpret the rules of the Association and the resolutions of the Board of Directors at meetings. In case of equality of votes, he may exercise a right to vote or unilaterally postpone the study. If the chair of the meeting is absent, the vice chair of the meeting shall take his functions.

Executive Committee

  • Arman Aksoy
    Arman Aksoy
    The president is AÉCSP's chief executive officer. He oversees the implementation of the Board's decisions. He is the official representative of the AÉCSP and is part of all committees and commissions. He is AÉCSP's representative at the school's "Conseil académique".
  • Chahid Ahabchane
    Chahid Ahabchane
    Education vice president
    In collaboration with departmental delegates, the education vice president addresses issues related to education in the "Commission des études" and the "Sous-commission des études supérieures". He is also AÉCSP's privileged interlocutor with whom any graduate student having issues with the university's education may speak.
  • Hassen Dammak
    Hassen Dammak
    The treasurer is responsible for the official correspondence of the AÉCSP. He has custody of the funds of the association and oversees the preparation of budget estimates for the current year and present them to the Board of directors. He ensures effective management of the association's financial resources.
  • Ismail Ouchebri
    Ismail Ouchebri
    General secretary
    The general secretary attends the meetings of the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee and is responsible for writing the procès-verbaux. He has custody of the association's seal, of her book of resolutions and other corporate registry. He is also responsible for official correspondence.
  • Simona Botezan
    Simona Botezan
    Executive committee's assistant
    The executive committee's assistant is responsible for AÉCSP's daily management, both in terms of finances and general administration. She responds to requests and questions from students and provides support to the Executive Committee in the exercise of their functions.

Directors (Type H)

  • Pierre Daligault
    Pierre Daligault
  • Fatima-Zahra Haouzi
    Fatima-Zahra Haouzi
  • Insaf Hadjab
    Insaf Hadjab
  • Mohamed-Taher Grati
    Mohamed-Taher Grati

Directors (Type A)

  • (Vacant)
  • (Vacant)
  • (Vacant)
  • Antoine Gonclaves
    Antoine Gonclaves
  • Victor Hannothiaux
    Victor Hannothiaux
  • Charles K.A. Samaty
    Charles K.A. Samaty
  • Riad Hadou
    Riad Hadou